Alistair McHarg                 Writer


TAZ MOPULA ​is a fictional character I created as a joke. I noticed the deplorable abuse of quotes on the Internet and decided to crank out gassy, preposterous, self-contradictory aphorisms and attribute them to the silliest name I could imagine. Hence, Taz Mopula.

No one called my bluff, on the contrary, Taz Mopulisms became all the rage. Today you may find them scattered throughout the Interwebs, resting comfortably next to thought nuggets by Wilde, Twain, Einstein, and other iconic phrase flingers.

The joke is on me, I'm afraid. At this point I've amassed 100s of Taz Mopula quotes and my next book will be an anthology of the pithiest. For now you can find them here and on my social media posts.