Truly Askew‚Äč. Reality is absurd. Impossible. Ludicrous. Embracing the chaotic irrationality of existence, and taking delight in it, is preferable to being disappointed, even enraged, by the mystery. Learning to view preposterousness not as an enemy but an ally offers enormous advantages to those keen on enjoying life.

The level of acceptance required to accomplish this did not come naturally to me. At the advanced age of 36, fate unceremoniously dumped me on the path of spiritual growth, slammed the door, and locked it. The demon in charge of my education was Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder). With determination born of terror, desperation, and more than a little spite, I set sail on a healing odyssey. Being a writer, this naturally led to sharing my experience publicly; hence, Truly Askew.

Buried within the ramshackle humor, tactless sincerity, and unrepentant iconoclasm of these 71 vignettes and 240 quotes, is a thoroughly authentic story of recovery and redemption I hope will delight, amuse, reveal, and comfort. product pages Truly Askew
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Alistair McHarg                 Writer