50 POEMS is a ​poetry anthology showcasing many of my best known, and favorite, poems. Painstakingly written and rewritten over a two-decade span, these poems celebrate the beauty, depth, and music of language. Gathered into sections, (Ocean, Land, Society, Attic, Spirit), the poems chronicle an odyssey of human evolution as wide ranging as it is surprising. Many of these poems first appeared in Exquisite Corpse, the Internet's preeminent literary journal.


“Happily for the poetry lover, Alistair McHarg - an exceptionally fine novelist - has produced a volume of poetry that will please even the most demanding critic.” K. Dominick

"The language makes the reader stop, take heed, and notice the time and space of the natural world and all the wonder it beholds." K. Luckett

“In ‘50 Poems,’ McHarg amplifies, illuminates, teases, and transcends the power of language to craft an anthology of poetry, and a chronicle of his life.” V. Gallardo

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"Winter Birds" by Alistair McHarg

Read by Shona McWilliams

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