Alistair McHarg                 Writer

Once the TAZ MOPULA anthology is rolled out, I intend to cull through my 1000+ cartoons and publish a "best of" collection. Until then, you can find them here and in the various social media outlets I haunt.


CARTOONS ​have always held a special appeal for me. I love the idea of compressing an entire comedic concept into one, self-explanatory frame. Lacking the ability to draw, I settled on photo caption cartoons.

Photo caption cartoons begin with found art, usually photography. Authenticity is key; I avoid posed photos and have no use for altered images. The challenge is in dreaming up semi-plausible captions that completely subvert the intended meaning.

My photo caption cartoons have been called bizarre, offensive, insensitive, rude, impenetrable, messed up, and worse. As you might imagine, comments like these have a profound impact, they give me the strength to go on.